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Enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Serving individuals, couples, and families, we restore balance in our clients’ lives by using an integrative and holistic approach that focuses on the mind, body and soul.

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Support for Muslim Families

There are times when life can overwhelm you and simple tasks begin to feel weighty. Our goal is to support you in navigating these challenges in a respectful and uplifting way drawing on your own strengths to rebuild and to do so with resilience.

We are here to also provide help in a realistic, personable and culturally sensitive manner. This is done in a private and confidential environment.

Services are offered to individuals, couples and families, and can cover a wide range of topics. To view our complete list of services, please click below.

What We Do



Shifa’ is the Arabic word referring to comprehensive healing and restoration of one’s overall health and well-being. This, in essence, symbolizes our approach to the services that we provide.

What We Can Help With.

Family Counselling

Anxiety & Depression

Children's Therapy

Marriage Counselling

Child Welfare Support

Separation Agreements


Take Action. 

Take the first step to healing. Contact us for an initial consultation on how we can support you. Please complete the form below and submit.

You can also email us at

Phone: (416) 648 – 4555

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Amilah excels at her job. She doesn’t use only one type of therapy, but combines different theories to best suit your needs. Also, it was wonderful to have such a culturally competent therapist, as I felt comfortable to discuss family matters without fear of judgement.

I initially met Ustadh Faisal Baksh about 20 years ago, just as I got married, where he was teaching at the university I attended. The gratitude I have for him can not be expressed. Jazkakum Allah Khayr for setting up my life and marriage on the right path.

In the few sessions that we were a part of we found that we were able to grow our love for one another and establish strong communication much before our marriage.


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