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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Are your services covered under employee assistance program offered by some employers?

A: Yes, Shifa Services will issue a receipt which can be submitted to your employee assistance service provider for reimbursement (assuming Social Work Services are covered).


Q. How are your services facilitated during Covid-19 restrictions?


A. We are offering virtual sessions only at this time to facilitate clients in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions & guidelines.  


Q. Can the initial consultation be via telephone and what do I need to prepare for this?


A. Yes, a brief consultation can be done via telephone. The initial discussion would be based on clarifying and understanding the info you provided to us in the Contact form. Additionally, an intake form would have to be completed during the subsequent appointment.


Q. Do you provide services during the evenings and weekends?


A. Yes, we facilitate evening and weekend appointments.


Q. What is your appointment cancellation policy?


A. We require a minimum notice of 48-hours to cancel any scheduled appointment. Failure to do so would result in a cancellation fee of $50.

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